San Implored to Uplift Themselves

The king of Ongandjera Johannes Mupiya has urged the San community of Onamatanga village to work towards their upliftment and that of the society at large.

On Saturday, Mupiya visited the community of Onamatanga, which mostly consists of San and a few Ovaherero speaking Namibians, for the first time ever since he was appointed as king in 2012. He succeeded King Jafet Munkundi. Onamatanga village, which is about 110km west of Okahao, mainly consists of impoverished communities that basically rely on subsistence farming While talking to community members King Mupiya raised his concern over the lack of discipline among the youth and urged them to uphold their traditional values and norms. He said the youth should refrain from alcohol abuse and stock theft that are prevalent in the area and concentrate on education and ensure Onamatanga also produces educated members of society, which is not the case at the moment.

The king further urged the business community to consider taking business to Onamatanga in order to help with the upliftment of that impoverished community. Mupiya was visiting Onamatanga during the horseracing tournament organised by Onamatanga Combined School.

Source : New Era