San man kills girlfriend, hangs self

WINDHOEK: The lifeless body of a 43-year-old woman was discovered alongside the B1 Windhoek-Okahandja main road near the Okapuka Lodge, while her 42-year-old boyfriend’s body was found hanging in his corrugated iron shack on Tuesday.

The Namibian Police (Nampol) suspect that the woman was killed by her boyfriend sometime during the weekend before he hanged himself in his shack in the Havana informal settlement.

NamPol’s Deputy Commissioner Sylvanus Nghishidimbwa told Nampa on Thursday that the victim’s employers reported her missing on Tuesday.

The woman, a domestic worker in Klein Windhoek, was allegedly left at her employers’ house after they went out of town for the weekend.

The man was also employed in Windhoek, but Nghishidimbwa could not say where.

The woman and her boyfriend then decided to take one of the motor-vehicles belonging to her employers and left town as well, the top officer said.

A source from the City Police told this agency that two children who were in the care of the victim in Klein Windhoek were left behind at the house.

They then received a text message from their mother’s phone, requesting them to send the pin-code of her ATM card.

“They found it strange that she would ask for the pin-code, but sent it anyway,” the source said.

Nghishidimbwa said both the employers of the two deceased as well as the children became suspicious after the duo did not show up for work on Monday morning.

They then reported the man and his girlfriend as missing persons, as well as the motor-vehicle.

“An abandoned car with the same description was reported abandoned in the Havana informal settlement, and the man’s lifeless body was later discovered hanging in his shack in the same area on Tuesday morning,” he said.

The police had to break the shack open as it was locked from the inside.

“The woman’s body was discovered yesterday afternoon, but it is not clear where or when she was murdered.

We have been to her home in Okahandja where she sometimes lived, and found bloodstains inside the house. But, we can’t say that was the murder scene,” Nghishidimbwa continued.

The man was a Windhoek resident of the Havana informal settlement, while the woman was a Zimbabwean national.

Witnesses told NamPol that the man was last seen behaving strangely and dishing out meat to his neighbours, claiming that it was going to be the last time that they see him as he was planning to commit suicide.

Unfortunately, no one took him seriously.

The motive behind the murder-suicide has not yet been established, and police investigations continue.