Science and Tech – Missing Link

At the national consultative workshop on the Development of the National Research, Science, Technology and Innovation (NRSTI) programme, Dr David Namwandi, Minister of Education said, “Namibia’s prospects for improved competitiveness and economic growth would depend on how the country takes aantage of opportunities presented by research, science, technology and innovation.

It is thus important for Namibia to strengthen its effort in accelerating its transformation towards becoming a knowledge-based economy, as envisaged in V2030.” Speaking at the official opening, Hon. Tom Alweendo, Director General of the National Planning Commission explained that a national programme on research, science, technology and innovation is the missing link to implementing NDP4.

He said, “the National Planning Commission is committed to be part of the development process and will work with all stakeholders to ensure the establishment of a fully functional system of innovation, whose contribution and impact to socio-economic development will be measured.” The NRSTI programme has been developed within the broader context of Vision 2030 goals of Namibia becoming prosperous and industrialised, developed by her human resources, enjoying peace, harmony and political stability”, further V2030 also aims at a “healthy and food-secure nation… with a resource-based industrial sector and commercial agriculture, placing great emphasis in skills development”.

At the workshop, 150 participants from Namibia, South Africa and Botswana representing various research institutions, NGOs, government institutions, academia and private companies reviewed the draft document on the NRSTI Programme. ‘In terms of Section 18 of the Research, Science and Technology Act, the National Commission on Research, Science and Technology must prepare a national programme for research, science and technology once every three years. We are excited about the consultative workshop and look forward to further positive and insightful contributions that will lead to a comprehensive national programme,” said Dr Eino Mvula, the Commission’s CEO.

Source : Namibia Economist