Sean K’s Anticipated Debut Album Drops This September

SEAN K is a name swiftly gaining traction within local popular culture. Whether you’re guffawing at his self styled memes on Facebook, loving his #OOTD on Instagram or watching him sing on some of the city’s foremost stages, there is dwindling doubt that Sean Kamati is rapidly becoming synonymous with sophisticated style and stunning vocals.

Having burst onto the singing scene via Song Night in 2011, Sean K has since made a name for himself as a lauded live performer who skillfully tips his hat to the likes of John Legend, Aretha Franklin and Adam Levine.

Clever with covers and fantastic with falsetto, Sean K’s natural next step is his much anticipated debut album set to drop this September. Though the album is currently untitled, the NAMAs nominated artist says that, like most albums, this project is about love, heartbreak and everyday experiences within the genres of soul, funk and alternative.

“Some ideas are taken from status updates, ‘Seanisms’ and things I say in general,” says Sean K.

“I’m having fun with this but vocally my two main influences on this album are James Brown and Prince.” Along with channeling the greats, Sean K is working with musician and producer Andrew Maher as well as various other session musicians but oddly will not be collaborating with any other vocal artists this time around.

“Andrew and I are writing together and he is making the music while trying to get the best out of me,” says a buoyant Sean K. “I’m working with various musicians as far as instruments are concerned but I’m not collaborating with other vocal artists. This time I just want to give, like John Legend said, all of me.”

Though there has been considerable fan fever since the 2013 releases of ‘Smiling’ and ‘Dream’, Sean K has taken the time to improve his vocal ability to a level worthy of an album.

“It’s all about timing and I have been performing and growing as both a singer and a vocalist so I think now is finally my time,” says Sean. “In the past I was procrastinating, telling myself that I can’t. But something, or rather someone, inspired me to just let go of that and start working.”

Bent on bringing a Grammy home before his 35th birthday, the 25-year-old is hard at work for a September release date and says that fans can expect the best of Sean K and far better than what they are used to.

“The best is yet to come,” says Sean. “It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be me.”

Certainly a multifaceted star rising in everything he does with regard to fashion, blogging or music, Sean K hopes to elevate himself alongside Namibia and assures everyone waiting that he’s just as excited to see what he comes up with.

“I want the world to know about Sean K and Namibia especially. There is so much untapped talent here,” he says.

“Just as much as everyone is waiting for the album to be done, I’m standing right in line with them.”

Keep your ears open for some snippets from the album around 18 June and follow Sean.K Music on Facebook or SoundCloud for more.

Source : The Namibian