Security gets three years imprisonment for assaulting minor

KATIMA MULILO: A 33-year-old security guard, Boniface Sichembe, has been sentenced to three years imprisonment for assaulting and forcing a minor boy to lick the blood flowing from his son’s head.

Katima Mulilo Magistrate Karl Muyeghu on Friday handed Sichembe a sentence of 36 months of which six months was suspended for a period of five years, on condition that he is not convicted of a similar offence during the period of suspension.

During cross-examination, the accused denied violently assaulting the minor on 06 May 2015 but acknowledged that he knew the minor as the person who had inflicted a deep cut onto his eight-year-old son’s head, but failed to report the matter to the minor’s parents as he feared his son was going to die from the wound.

Last week, Nampa reported that Sichembe, who had pleaded not guilty to charges of assault to do grievous bodily harm, beat up an 11-year-old boy who is said to have fought with his son.

According to court records, Sichembe went to the boy’s guardians’ flat in the same compound, where he dragged the minor outside and started hitting and slapping the boy, demanding to know why he had fought with his son.

He then reportedly forced the boy to lick blood from his son’s head after the younger boy sustained a head wound during the fight, in which he was hit with an empty bottle.

Records read that an aunt of the minor requested Sichembe to stop beating him but he ignored her pleas and demanded that he be paid compensation for his son’s injuries.

The minor was then dragged to the Katima Mulilo Open Market, where Sichembe and his wife further assaulted him and left him bleeding from his ears and nose.

Both boys were later tested for HIV/Aids and results came out negative. No charges were brought against Sichembe’s wife.

Sichembe represented himself in the matter while Public Prosecutor George Matali represented the State.