Shack Burns Down

A FAMILY of four has remained homeless after a fire destroyed their shack at Mix informal settlement near Windhoek on 4 March.

The corrugated iron shack caught fire after a candle burned down to the ground.

The shack had three bedrooms, a kitchen, sitting room and a side kiosk that sold goodies to produce an additional income for the family.

Sitting in front of her burned shack, Henny Kapia, a police officer, breaks into tears as she pleads for donations from the public. Kapia says although she has four children of her own, she also looked after her late sister’s seven children, four of whom are now with her mother in the north.

On the day the shack burned down, she and the children slept at a family house in Windhoek and had only left their shop attended to by someone else.

“I received a phone call at two in the morning from the neighbours, telling me that the shack was burning,” she recalls.

Kapia says although the neighbours called the fire fighters, “it was too late when they arrived”.

The family now pleads for help, as all their belongings were destroyed.

“Everything that we owned has burned in the fire. Our three beds, fridge, stove, food, pots, utensils, the children’s clothes and my own, to mention a few, have all perished in the fire,’ Kapia explains.

She says of the three children, two are in kindergarten and one is eight months old, who will need her formula milk.

“Even when it rained this week, we were all very cold,” Kapia says.

Source : The Namibian