Shalli Takes Swipe At Rogue ‘Struggle Kids’

RETIRED Namibian Defence Force chief major general Martin Shalli said there was a big difference between the behaviour of those born outside the country and those who grew up in the country during the war.

Talking to ‘struggle kids’ last week, Shalli said those who strangle women were not in exile. Shalli further said the unruly behaviour of these “struggle kids” cannot be changed by getting jobs and that many of them are past the school-going age and yet they are demanding well-paying jobs.

Shalli also told them that nobody wanted to be associated with them because of their wild behaviour.

“Potential employers and even your own peers do not want to be associated with you. If you want people to help you, you must behave yourselves,” he told them.

Ben Mulongeni reminded the struggle kids that despite what Shalli had said, they were “still special”.

Frieda Ndatipo’s case crept into the debate. She was shot at the Swapo offices last year. Former defence minister Nahas Angula, one of the panelists, said the matter should be left in the hands of the judiciary system.

Some ‘struggle kids’ also said they did not feel that the Namibia Exile Kids Association (Neka) was doing enough to help them.

Neka chairperson Benita Nakaambo said they secured jobs for 3 000 ‘struggle kids’.

She said it was their fault that they have gone back to begging and that Neka provides food and clothing every month,” she said.

Source : The Namibian