Shambyu Grieve Chief Ribebe’s Demise

Shambyu tribesmen are deeply in grief over the death on Sunday of Chief Angelina Matumbo Ribebe of the Shambyu Traditional Authority in Kavango East.

Ribebe died at the age of 55 in the Roman Catholic Hospital in Windhoek where she was hospitalised since early May.

Ribebe was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure and for the past years has been in and out of hospital.

New Era made efforts to speak to the Shambyu senior headwoman, Dona Theresia, but she was unreachable on her mobile phone though palace sources confirmed the demise of the revered chief.

“I am not mandated to speak on this matter. Call the family they will give you all you need to know. I really can’t speak, that is not how it’s done, you should speak to the family regarding the chief’s passing,” said Aloys Gende who married the late chief in 2004.

Ribebe has been chief of the Vashambyu tribe since May 19 1989 when she took over after the passing of her brother Gothard Haininga who died in a car accident.

Last year Kavango also mourned the death of the Ukwangali Traditional Authority Hompa Daniel Sitentu Mpasi who died last December aged 80.

The hompa died at Nkurenkuru Health Centre in Kavango West after a long battle with various chronic illnesses.

Source : New Era