Shanghala Accuses SPYL of Amnesia

THE chairperson of the Law Reform and Development Commission, Sackey Shanghala, has accused the Swapo Party Youth League of amnesia and changing its tune regarding their position on President Hifikepunya Pohamba.

Responding to the story carried by The Namibian last week which said Pohamba had complained about being isolated, Shanghala said the article was misleading because the President never said that.

The story also quoted SPYL secretary Elijah Ngurare saying there was “a silent but well-orchestrated campaign” against President Pohamba regarding the story about his daughter’s company which was awarded a N$16 million construction tender by the National Housing Enterprise.

Referring to Ngurare’s statement, Shanghala said the SPYL was now changing its tune towards Pohamba.

“Was it not the Youth League and its leader who from the onset were orchestrating a campaign against the President? The President used to speak about the so-called ‘third force’. Are we afflicted with amnesia of some sort?” he asked, adding that recently the youth have even denied ever insulting their elders.

Shangala also asked why the youth leadership was now acting as defenders of their victim Pohamba.

Ngurare yesterday said Pohamba appointed young people from the SPYL to government positions, and they “thanked him for that”.

“Sackey Shanghala is one such appointee and his duties are to reform the laws (especially apartheid laws). I am, therefore, surprised that Sackey Shanghala is drunk by his newly found political picnic and forgets to publicly defend the legacy that responded to our generational call for youth empowerment. He must thus publicly join us to defend the legacy of President Pohamba,” Ngurare said.

Referring to the claims about Pohamba’s isolation, Shanghala, who is Swapo Khomas regional information and mobilisation officer, said he directed proceedings at the said meeting and is “in a position to deny or confirm the averments made in your article.”

He said Pohamba never said he did not trust his colleagues in the party’s top four and that the President only remarked that there were those fond of Facebook. Shanghala added that Pohamba said that even when there were Cabinet discussions, Facebook was always informed.

“The President condemned these actions as he should, because Cabinet members swear or affirm under Schedule 2 of the Namibian Constitution not to divulge matters brought before Cabinet. The story is, therefore, misleading in this regard,” Shanghala said in his statement to The Namibian.

He also said Pohamba did not have an outburst, “let alone relating to any matter of tenders. Again, your story is misleading in this regard as well”.

He further said Pohamba never said he knew of a group intending to block the 5050 quota. He remarked that indeed, there would be those that are not happy with the implementation of the 5050 principle, because they would be feeling insecure.

However, he urged the members of the Regional Executive Committee to ensure that his successor has credible and competent men and women to appoint in Cabinet.

Shanghala added that he attended a regional coordinators’ meeting where they spoke of their concerns with the 5050 arrangement given the ongoing reorganisation of those district and branch structures whose terms of office have lapsed.

He said some structures have three functionaries and the application of the 5050 zebra system presents some teething challenges.

“Speaking about 5050 does not mean one is against it. How can one be against something that has been in the realm of Congress of the Swapo Party since 1996?” he asked, adding that the Party’s constitution permits members to discuss and question matters freely.

“The Swapo party constitution only embodies the 5050 and zebra-style principles, however, it does not articulate the mechanism for implementation,” he said.

Source : The Namibian