Shaningwa defends Swapo and Nujoma

OKAHAO: Omusati Regional Governor, Sophia Shaningwa says the Swapo-Party leadership in her region will not allow the history of the party to be tampered with by anybody.

Shaningwa said this at the Omusati Region’s Okahao district where people of the region commemorated Swapo’s 54th anniversary with the raising of funds for the envisaged construction of a Swapo district office at Okahao on Saturday.

“We are pushing forward and will remove anybody who will ever try to destroy Swapo from within,” she charged.

Shaningwa stated that if a minister, governor or councillor is found guilty of tampering with Swapo’s history or operating against the manifesto of the party, he/she will be released from duty.

She used the same meeting to demand people to respect the founding president Dr Sam Nujoma for “successfully leading the liberation struggle of the country”.

Shaningwa also defended the erection of Nujoma’s statues in the country, saying the retired Namibian leader deserves respect and honour by the Namibian nation for having been an outstanding freedom fighter.

The governor, at the same time, condemned some members of the Namibian society who are opposed the removal of colonial German statues from certain public places in Namibia, as well as those who threatened to destroy the Nujoma statues.

“If you touch those monuments (Nujoma statues), we will deal with you. If you don’t belong to our history, why don’t you just go?” Shaningwa lashed out.

She demanded to know why colonial German statues should be prominent along Namibian roads, while there is no single Nujoma statue featuring along any the streets in Germany.

Nujoma was supposed to be the main speaker during the celebration of the Swapo-Party 54th Anniversary at Okahao.

However, Shaningwa stood in for him and told the celebration gathering that Nujoma could not show up because he was preparing for a trip outside the country.