Shebeens ordered to close on polling day

RUNDU; Shebeen owners in both the Kavango East and West regions have been ordered to close their businesses on Friday – national polling day.

The day has also been declared a public holiday in view of the Presidential and National Assembly elections.

The Namibia Shebeen Association chairperson in both regions, Kaghuyu Shikerete, urged all shebeen owners not to open their liquor outlets on the day.

He told Nampa on Wednesday that any person who will be found operating on election day will face the full wrath of the law.

The same warning was also issued to those selling traditional brews in the two regions.

Members of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) will be monitoring the situation, said the chairperson.

Shikerete also urged all employees of liquor outlets to ensure that they practice their democratic right to elect a leader of their choice.

Some inhabitants of the two Kavango regions, especially those in villages and remote areas, start to consume traditional alcohol very early in the morning, and Shikerete pleaded with them not to do so on polling day.

For the elections on Friday, 852 polling officials will work in the Kavango East Region, and 966 in the Kavango West Region.