Shimmy for Shelter

It’s World Belly Dance Day on 10 May and for the fifth year in a row University of Namibia Drama Lecturer, SPCA ambassador and dazzling dancer, Sascha Olivier-Sampson, is spearheading Namibia’s celebrations with ‘Shimmy for Shelter’.

Established in 2010 as a fundraiser to raise money for the SPCA, ‘Shimmy for Shelter’ is an altruistic and dynamic dance show featuring Moon Goddess Dance Studio and Bohemian Magic Dance Company. It has gained popularity and prestige as the most exciting showcase of belly dancing on the Windhoek calendar. In addition to these dance studios, this year, ‘Shimmy for Shelter’ will also include a selection of performing arts students from the University of Namibia (Unam).

With a carnival theme and interesting additions such as poi and fire spinning as well as non-belly dance performers, including Hip-Hop and contemporary fusion, ‘Shimmy for Shelter’ is set to trump previous years in terms of entertainment value.

These dance additions will be augmented by pre-festivities culminating in a whole day affair prior to the show where people can picnic at the venue in-between perusing a market which will include hotdogs, cakes, candy and soup in terms of eating, perfume, doggy blanks, T-shirts and magazines with regard to the miscellaneous and face painting, fortune telling, children’s games and a jumping castle for sheer amusement.

Last year, the initiative raised N$25 000, which went to the care of animals at the SPCA and other veterinary services.

This year Sascha hopes to earn even more while giving away sponsored prizes such as vouchers from Sardinia and accommodation in Swakopmund.

This could come in particularly handy as ‘Shimmy for Shelter’ heads to the coast next weekend for the very first time for the benefit of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay’s SPCAs.

“This being the fifth year I wanted to do something different so this is a full day outdoor event which is really aimed at being family friendly,” says Sascha.

“We want people to know that belly dance is not what the media portrays it to be it is, in fact, very welcoming for everyone of all ages. As the theme is carnival, we are going for a more laid back feel with people being urged to bring their blankets and picnic baskets and relax on the grass with us for the day, spend time with each other, let the children run around and play and end off with a really fun show, full of colour and vibrance.”

Certainly, a noble pursuit and a fine way to spend an afternoon, ‘Shimmy for Shelter’ also hopes to further the purpose of World Belly Dance Day, which is to raise awareness of belly dancing while raising money for charity.

As a last comment before the Windhoek show this Saturday, Sascha says:

“It is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones and there is nothing better than knowing you have been part of helping and making a difference.”

‘Shimmy for Shelter’ will take place on 10 May at Windhoek Gymnasium School rugby field. The market starts at 13h30 with the dance show at 16h30. Tickets are N$80 in aance and N$100 at the door. They are available at SardiniaBlue Olive and the Unam Drama Department. The Swakopmund show will take place at the Last Resort Wellness Centre on 17 May. Tickets are available at the Swakopmund and Walvis Bay SPCA’s as well as BXtreme Party Supplies. Bring picnic baskets and blankets. For more information, contact:

Source : The Namibian