Shimwooshili campaigns at sports field

OKELEMBA: The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP)’s candidate for the Ohangwena Constituency by-election, Vilho Shimwooshili on Saturday took his campaign to the sports grounds of the Ohangwena Constituency’s Onaame village.

The by-election is set to take place on 05 August.

Shimwooshili encouraged sports fans attending a football tournament at the sports grounds to vote for change during the Ohangwena Constituency by-election.

Most of the attendants welcomed him with slogans and symbols representing the RDP.

The RDP candidate sponsored the same tournament with N.dollars 1 000. He noted that the tournament was aimed at keeping unemployed young people of the constituency occupied so they can avoid cuca shops and alcohol abuse.

“The time has come for the young people, especially those who the current government have failed to provide with employment for the past 24 years after independence, to vote correctly by electing a councillor who has the capacity to serve their interest,” he said.

He also urged the young people to do the same during the Presidential and National Assembly elections that are due to take place in November this year.

“You will remain unattended to, without jobs, and continue to experience selective opportunities for tertiary education if you vote for the maintenance of the status quo here in our district and elsewhere in the country,” said Shimwooshili.

He went on to say voting for capable leadership pays, while blind political party loyalty will not bring about any change in the country.

The death of the former councillor of the Ohangwena Constituency, Maria Tuleingepo Kombwana, early in May this year necessitated the by-election in the constituency.