Shishani Simply Rocks!

In relation to other “Unplugged” performances I’ve ever attended, Shishani’s unplugged session, at the Warehouse Theatre on Friday night was definitely one of the best.

The theatre was filled with fans comfortably seated on their pillows as they listened to her gigantic voice. Comparing her to other artists, I can’t really think of a way to compare Shishani, especially acoustically. Her soothing performance consisted of a combination of well-known hits, and lesser known songs, and that’s what makes it great. Her voice was very melodic, haunting, drugging the crowd to sing along, especially on songs like Clean Country and Raining Words. The way she plays her guitar along with her band was very impressive. Anyone witnessing her performance will surely agree with me that the overall performance was a combination of pride and impressive.

I also loved this show because there was a certain intimacy from her to the audience, which created a unique environment. It seems like a big step to play a whole show acoustically, but boy did she not pull it off? Sure she did!

Source : New Era