Short lived freedom for suspected car thief

Swift action by the Windhoek City Police in conjunction with a local crime page on a social network site on Wednesday assisted in restoring a stolen vehicle to its rightful owner.

An operation that was led by the Windhoek City Police, through the social networking site, Facebook, and members of various Neighborhood Watch committees managed to corner a suspected vehicle thief.

The owner of a white Hyundai iX 35 luxury SUV, David Sitler, told this reporter that he took his car for cleaning at a carwash in Hochland Park suburb.

He left the car at the carwash, only to be informed a while later by one of the staff members at the car wash, that his vehicle was collected by a relative. This raised alarm as Sitler never authorized or send anyone to collect his car.

Sitler’s son immediately posted and reported the car as stolen on the Facebook page ‘Crime in The City – Namibia’.

The elder Sitler said he reported the car stolen to the City Police around 10h10. He received a call less than two hors later at 11h53 from the City Police to verify the registration number of a car they have recovered.

‘When they confirmed it is my license plate and my car is recovered, I could only say Hallelujah,’he said.

When members of the City Police searched the car for possible illegal stuff, a small parcel of dagga (cannabis) was found alongside some garments of the suspect.

It is suspected the suspect first drove around in the field, as the car was full of dust, but no other scratches or other visible damages was found when the vehicle was pulled over in Viool street in Grysblok.

The suspect will most likely appear in court on Friday, as police investigations into the matter continue.