Shyman Shaizo Pays Tribute to Namibian Fans

ONE of Zambia’s top ten artists is shooting a new video in Namibia for his upcoming album, ‘Love And Reality’. The tall and handsome Shyman Shaizo will be travelling from Windhoek to Swakopmund to film the video for his new love song, ‘Sweet Oshikandela’.

Shyman’s musical career began as a small boy in church, playing the trumpet with his encouraging father. During high school he won the role of choir leader, and after graduation he began making music full time. Entering the game without flinching, Shyman has managed to support himself financially through his music since day one.

Releasing his first album in 2008, titled ‘My Wish’, Shyman’s fan base has steadily grown across Southern Africa, and his mixture of traditional African rhythms with modern hooks and choruses has struck a chord in the many countries he has performed in.

In 2013, Shyman released ‘Are You Single’, a song that was quickly picked up by radio stations across Namibia, and still gets regular air time today. Since then he’s performed around the country and has featured on popular tracks with well known local artists: PDK, Exit, Freeda and Tate Buti.

Integrating into our music scene, Shyman says there is a debt he owes to his Namibian fans. He said, “I chose to film this video here as payback for all the support I’ve received over the past six years.” Two tracks from his up coming album have been playing on local radio stations recently, and he has received positive feedback so far.

“The calls from my fans here have been great, they love the music.”

The album ‘Love And Reality’ is set for release in late August to early September, and Shyman has announced he will be doing a series of shows throughout Namibia for the launch.

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Source : The Namibian