Significant Increase in Overall Dam Level

The water levels of the major dams in the central areas have shown a slight decrease in water capacity compared to the corresponding period in 2013, but dams in other parts of the country showed an increase.

A significant inflow was recorded for all the major dams in the south and east as the lengthy rain season now draws to a close. According to the latest NamWater dam bulletin, the major dams in the south are now on average 68.4 per cent full, compared to 46.8 per cent last year the same time. The Hardap Dam is 72.2 percent full, while the Naute Dam whose level at this time last year was 69.6 per cent is currently 75.1 per cent full.

The Swakoppoort Dam’s level has risen to 62.2 percent of full capacity, compared to 61.7 per cent in 2013, while the level of the Von Bach Dam shows a drastic drop from 70.8 per cent last year to just 55.3 per cent at present. Dams in the central parts of the country are now 49 per cent full, compared to 50.3 per cent last year this time.

The average levels of the dams in the east have risen quite dramatically from just 50.8 per cent last year to 81 per cent at present. These dams include the Otjivero Main Dam (92.2 percent), Tilda Viljoen Dam (87.7 percent) and the Daan Viljoen Dam (98.6 percent.)

Source : New Era