Simasiku Proposes New Policymaker

OUTGOING Electricity Control Board chief executive officer Siseho Simasiku on Friday proposed that a new body to review the ECB’s progress be set up.

Speaking during a farewell dinner in his honour, Simasiku said for the ECB to improve its performance, an institution for the regular review of the state of the industry and policy must be established.

“The body will be known as the QUARTET, which is a policy maker, regulator and consumer representative. It should meet on a regular basis to review performance,” said Simasiku, a former permanent secretary in the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

According to Simasiku, the body will exist with common understanding by all stakeholders to address existing problems or reach set objectives.

The QUARTET will be responsible for drawing up strategies to mitigate the impact of missed targets and to make proposals as well as to have a clear allocation of implementing objectives.

“The policymaker has left it to the implementing agencies to choose and pick which parts of the policy objectives they implement. This has led to a disjointed order of discharge that has tended to deny the energy sector its rightful role as a stimulant for economic growth and social upliftment,” said Simasiku, the founding CEO of the ECB.

He pointed out that an enforcer working hand in hand with the proposed QUARTET would ensure that the order of preferential discharge of the implementing agencies resonates with the needs and programmes of other sectors.

“I urge the ECB and the energy regulator to go forward and continue its contribution to the economy of the country,” said Simasiku.

Mines minister Isak Katali wished Simasiku well in his retirement and applauded him for his contribution to the development of the economy.

Katali said during Simasiku’s time, the ECB successfully developed and implemented technical regulatory tools and procedures and established frameworks which transformed the ECB into a multi-sectoral regulator.

Katali however pointed out that it was not all roses for the ECB as they also encountered challenges such as sustaining security of supply against the backdrop of national and regional power generation capacity shortfalls as well as effectively implementing regulatory tools and policies.

“It was not smooth sailing for the outgoing CEO and it will also not be easy for the incoming one,” said Katali.

NamPower’s general manager Foibe Namene was appointed acting CEO on 1 June 2014 and the minister told her that his door is always open for consultations.

Namene expressed gratitude for the opportunity to have been able to learn from Simasiku and to be appointed acting CEO. “You have left a mark and a legacy in the electricity supply industry. The ECB staff will work tirelessly to uphold the work ethics and values imparted to them,”she said.

Source : The Namibian