Situation Back to Normal at Mvula School

The situation at Mvula Secondary School at Omaalala village in Oshana Region has returned to normal with pupils returning to class after medical experts concluded that hysteria was responsible for their strange behaviour.

When 26 pupils started behaving strangely, some parents believed they were being attacked by demons.

The parents then reportedly demanded for prayer sessions to be held or the immediate closure of the school after the pupils had been sent home.

Oshana education deputy director Immanuel Aipanda told The Namibian that after several meetings held between doctors and social workers from Oshakati State Hospital, pupils, teachers and parents, the situation returned to normal and nothing has been reported so far.

“After the doctors and social workers addressed the pupils, teachers and parents, we have not heard of anything sinister at the school,” said Aipanda, adding that some pupils were sent to Windhoek for medical attention.

He also said medical reports show that the pupils were suffering from hysteria (an exaggerated or uncontrolled emotion or excitement) not demonic attacks as was widely believed by the community.

The doctors, Aipanda also said, warned community members against believing in demons.

According to some of the parents, who spoke to The Namibian on condition of anonymity, none of the pupils allegedly possessed by the evil spirits had returned to school after several medical checks and counselling sessions.

“Nothing has really changed because the children have not returned to school. They are expected to return to school next term,” said one parent.

The parents also said they have written to the office of the education director seeking permission to conduct prayer sessions at the school.

Source : The Namibian