Six ‘Passion’ Deaths in Six Days

About a month after President Hifikepunye Pohamba called for a day of prayer on 6 March, six people have been confirmed dead in gender-based crimes while one woman is battling for survival.

Three women were killed while three men committed suicide after killing or injuring their partners since Wednesday last week.

Hardap police yesterday said Nabila Moumlller (28) was shot and wounded by her 28-year-old husband Anschel Moumlller, who later shot himself in the head and died on the spot.

Mariental police Chief Inspector Asser Kapukare told The Namibian that Anschel shot Nabila with a 9 mm Beretta pistol in the back, wounding her seriously.

He said the incident occurred at 06h10 while Nabila was preparing for work. Kapukare said no suicide note was left although Nabila allegedly told the police that they did not have an argument and she had no idea why he shot her.

The couple has one child whom the police say is still a toddler.

Kapukare said they were probing the matter to establish whether the weapon was licenced or not.

Ineshi Yoleni Ndakolo (24), was brutally stabbed to death by her boyfriend at Okako village in the Omuthiya district of Oshikoto Region on Sunday night.

Ndakolo was stabbed 14 times all over her body and in the chest by Gotlieb Haihambo Johannes (29) and she died on the spot.

Oshikoto police Deputy Commissioner William Peter yesterday confirmed the attack, telling The Namibian that the suspect fled the scene after the crime and killed himself.

“We had been trying to trace his whereabouts since Sunday but we could not find him until yesterday (Monday) when we found his body hanging from a tree in the bush,” said Peter.

Peter could not, however, say what caused the killing. He said the police were still investigating.

Police in Windhoek are looking for relatives of Charmain Fredericks who died in hospital after she was allegedly shot by bar-owner and ex-boyfriend Sakarias ‘Sacky’ Mathias at the Katutura Central Shops on Wednesday.

Fredericks, believed to be in her mid 20s, was injured in the shooting during which a man who was in her company, Patrick Auala, was also shot in the thigh.

Both the Deputy Commissioner Sylvanus Nghishindimbwa and police spokesperson Edwin

Kanguatjivi confirmed the shooting, saying they were still investigating the matter.

Mathias was charged with murder and attempted murder when he appeared in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court in Katutura on Monday. He was also denied bail because of the gravity of the murder.

According to Auala, who was admitted to Katutura State Hospital but later discharged, there was tension between him and Mathias over Fredericks.

Auala said on the day of the shooting, he arrived at Mathias’ bar at the Katutura Central shops where Fredericks was standing outside.

He further said they went into another bar, while Mathias was mumbling curses at them although it did not bother Auala much.

“When we got inside the bar, I ordered beer and someone shouted from outside ‘Auala pasop’. The next thing I saw was Sacky holding a gun standing in the doorway, asking who was sleeping with his woman,” Auala said, adding that someone in the bar closed the door and then Mathias started shooting at the door before kicking it open.

Auala said when Mathias got into the bar, he shot Fredericks who was sitting by the door first while he (Auala) ran and hid behind the door.

“While I was running, he was shooting at me until I stood behind the door. This is when he shot me in the thigh,” alleged Auala, who also said everything happened too fast for anyone to do anything about it.

Eyewitnesses, who asked not to be named, said after Mathias had left the bar, Fredericks was writhing in pain while rolling on the floor.

The eyewitnesses also said they do not know much about Fredericks.

“She could speak most languages so I was not so sure what ethnic group she belonged to. But we knew that one day Sacky would shoot someone because he used to threaten us with his gun whenever he was under the influence,” one of the eyewitnesses told The Namibian.

Auala also said he does not know much about Fredericks.

“I first met Fredericks at the Katutura Central Shops when she was in the company of Sacky. I met her again on three separate occasions afterwards and then on the day of the shooting,” Auala said.

In another incident a Zimbabwean woman was allegedly killed by her Namibian boyfriend who also committed suicide in Havana on Sunday.

The woman’s body was found yesterday evening dumped between Windhoek and Okahandja close to Okapuka Range Lodge.

The man has been identified as Chabi Owaseb while the woman has been identified just by her first name, Siphiwe.

Police could not say how she had died although a lot of blood was found in their house in Okahandja and in the car.

Windhoek police yesterday said the woman’s children informed them about her disappearance after she left home with the boyfriend in her employer’s car on Friday.

Khomas crime coordinator Deputy Commissioner Sylvanus Nghishidimbwa said they found the abandoned car in Havana with blood on the passenger’s seat. The police then tracked the man to the shack where they found his body.

“We suspect they had a house in Okahandja and the deceased also stayed in Havana while his girlfriend stayed at her employer’s house in Klein Windhoek during the week. So when she did not return to Klein Windhoek, her employers got worried and reported both the car and her missing. That is how we found the car abandoned in Havana,” Nghishidimbwa said.

Owaseb’s colleague Alpheus Kautondokwa said he could not believe his friend had committed suicide.

“He came to pick us on Sunday morning and we spent the whole day together but he was crying a lot telling us that today would be the last day we were seeing him since he was planning to commit suicide. If only we had taken his threats seriously,” Kautondokwa said.

He added that Owaseb also destroyed his SIM cards and gave his phones to them.

Source : The Namibian