SKW Remain Top in the Bank Windhoek Fistball League

SKW 1 remains at the top of the Bank Windhoek Fistball Championship National A league after the third round of matches in the Bank Windhoek Fistball Championship last Saturday, 7 June.

Although Cohen FC 3 lost their first league match in almost three years, they successfully defended the top spot in the Bank Windhoek National B league.

The SKW fistball fields came alight with excitement on Saturday morning when arch-rivals SKW 1 and Cohen FC 1 met at the start of the third round of matches of the Bank Windhoek National A league.

The match did not disappoint as the teams entertained the crowd for almost two hours, delivering some top quality fistball. SKW 1 won a hard fought first set 11-8 before Cohen FC 1, with U18 national captain Tristan Minz in attack, came back convincingly, taking the second set 11-3.

The next couple of sets went either way forcing the game into a deciding seventh set. SKW 1 got the better start into the set taking a 6-4 lead, which they defended vigorously to win the match 4-3.

Thanks to a 4-2 set win against SKW 2, the defending champions remained unbeaten on the day and successfully defended top spot on the log.

Cohen FC 1 remains second with SKW 2 hot on their heels. Both teams are on 21 points with Cohen FC1 ranked second, since they have won more sets.

The remarkable unbeaten run of Cohen FC 3 ended on Saturday when the Bank Windhoek National B league champions lost their first league game in three years to SKW 3. The match was an astoundingly one-sided affair with SKW 3 taking the honours 4-0. Despite the defeat, Cohen FC still remain on top of the log.

The gutsy SFC 2 team from Swakopmund managed two wins from their three games to cement second spot on the log.

Third-placed DTS did not have a good day. The Windhoek-based team lost all their matches and now has to contend with fierce competition for the third place from SKW 3. Third place is important since only the teams placed in the top three positions on the log qualify for the championship final in September.

Following his great performance in defence, Cohen FC 1 veteran Jens Iben was named Player of the Day at a prize giving function following the games.

The Bank Windhoek league will continue on 16 August 2014. Before that, Cohen FC will host a cup competition in Windhoek, which will see a team of Namibian students currently studying in South Africa participating. The tournament is scheduled for 5 July 2014.

SKW 1 leads the National A league with 25 points from 8 matches, followed by CFC 1 and SKW 2 who are both on 21 points from 9 matches, SFC 1 on 9 points from 8 matches, and CFC 2 on 4 points from 9 matches.

CFC 3 lead the National B League on 24 points from 8 games, followed by SFC 2 on 20 points from 9 matches, DTS and SKW 3 who are both on 15 points from 9 matches and CFC 4 on 3 points from 9 matches.

Source : The Namibian