Sleepy in Namibia

AM I the only one who is petrified that some guy was keeping kaboom! material at his home here in Namibia? I know the case is sub judice and I don’t want the courts to hunt me down for contempt of court, which is why I will leave the law to take its normal course in this matter. But it leaves me worried about us Namibians. Normally we would be jumping up and down with “excitement” over certain types of news and warra-warra like there is no tomorrow.

We can never get over the the Prophetess’s doomsday announcement, the dog that gave birth to kittens, the makwerekweres who marry our girls for papers then vanish into thin air or anything that is bizarre, which to us is “Nothing but the truth, so help us God.” But come this story of a potter who kama makes asbakke out of explosives and we are mute as a mouse in church. It’s not like we were all born in the era of the Ben10s and Spongebob Square Pants who have no idea what it is like to grow up in some parts of our country that were literally war zones.

Some of us know better because we were born during the era when, even though television was only for the rich kids in Pionierspark and Olympia, we used to see bombs explode in the Wit Tier and novels and knew ‘not to touch it, but report it.’

But we are so sleepy on this issue – almost like the tsetse flies are flying all over the place zzzzzz … having a feast. Etsecirc, an M59M66 rifle grenade is not a toy to have lying around your garage or storeroom. Now I am just wondering how many more toys of such a nature could potentially be lying out there. Mxxxm, such times I just wish that other Yankee president was still in office because this would have been the right time to come search for weapons of mass destruction.

I am just hoping that this story is an isolated incident because some people are angry people and are just waiting for you to just say a skewe woord. You can’t even look in their direction at a shopping mall or step on their toe by accident. I hope the police and intelligence in our country will do whatever it takes to investigate and prosecute all those who are keeping harmful things that they are not supposed to have in their homes. I also hope that we never have to thank the stars for not having been at a particular place at a certain time when disaster struck, because I can only imagine what some survivors would come up with.

“Huuu Elotse, thanks I went to the doctor to put in my bapalaz leave that morning and was lucky not to be near that building.”

“Karunga kange, I normally zula in front of that shopping centre but that policeman chased me away that morning. I can kiss him on the head now.”

“Dankie Here, he threw me in the tjoekie for washing people’s cars that day.” I just hope we are not so sleepy in the fateful event that something like that happens and will have a disaster plan in hand. I also hope that our fire brigade, medical and military services would be able to handle this. In the meantime, I will be the first mampara to report you to the nearest authorities should I suspect that you are flirting with death in your home. Sorry Ngo!

Source : New Era