Small Scale Farmer Malengi Thrives At Vungu-Vungu

Vungu – Vungu farm, few kilometres east of Rundu is where Peter Malengi is making progress as a small scale farmer, saying everything is going well for him and he is expecting an excellent harvest soon.

Malengi is a crop farmer who farms on a six hectare portion of Vungu -Vvungu farm and says he started farming at farm Vungu – Vungu five years ago after a short course he did in Green Scheme crop production through the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF) at the Mashare Irrigation Training Centre in the Mashare constituency in Kavango East region. “I am currently not struggling with finding the buyers for my crops as the government has made things easy for us by introducing AGRIBUSDEV (Agricultural Business Development Agency), which is mandated to oversee the management of the green scheme projects through monitoring and creation of an ideal environment to achieve the Green Scheme’s objectives as stipulated in the revised Green Scheme policy of 2008 and also introduced AMTA (the Agro-Marketing Trade Agency), which will focus on finding the market for us the producers as well as find the market for our produce.”

In the past small scale farmers used to struggle to sell to people on the streets of Rundu and if they decide to sell elsewhere like outside town, they ended up losing out as transport costs are high. But now Malengi says he is fine as he is only have to plant and selling is out of his hands as the government has made life easy through AGRIBUSDEV and AMTA who finds the market for them. They don’t struggle with money to buy seeds, fertilisers and other needs that they need to farm as Agribank is mandated by the government to finance them through their service provider, being the farm Vungu – Vungu.

“I currently use a production loan that i got from Agribank and the government serves as a collateral, and i we don’t the money directly but request what we need to use through our service provider and they buy it for us. I am now ready to move to the next step in farming at the green scheme projects which is becoming a middle scale farmer,” says Malengi. More small scale farmers are to benefit from various loans that they can borrow to finance their farming as Agribank has approved 91 million as a drought relief measure to assist communal and commercial farmers but the small scale farmers that are farming along the Green Scheme projects are however not excluded. They can also benefit from the production loan which Agribank offers on a two percent interest per annum for communal farmers and four percent interest for commercial farmers, and that is if they want to benefit from the draught relief fund.To benefit, the farmers need to apply for the fund to buy fertilisers, seeds and so on. The types of loan that they can get through the drought relief fund is a production loan, infrastructure loan, as well as re-fencing of areas.

Agribank also finances all small scale farmers along the service providers at all Green Scheme projects. At Musese and Siokondo Green Scheme projects, the farming sites for small scale farmers are being developed and as soon as they are completed and suitable candidates have been identified to farm on the plots, Agribank will provide the finance of those small scale farmers.

Source : New Era