Soft Skills Training for Keetmanshoop Youth

The Keetmanshoop Dream Team, a group of young people operating under the auspices of the National Youth Council, organised a soft skills training programme for their peers in Keetmanshoop over the weekend.

Chairperson of the group, Raymond Kaffer, said such training is highly imperative because soft skills are not taught in school and are so much needed in everyday life.

The soft skills programme included training on emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication, time management and teamwork, leadership and attitude. The Dream Team youth contracted a youth owned company called Masterminds Consultancy through the Youth Development Grant Programme of the National Youth Council of Namibia.

“We saw the need for this, because this type of training equips young people with the necessary skills to enable them to interact effectively and harmoniously amongst themselves and the community that they serve. It gives youth a sense of self-worth, empowers them to manage their own emotions and interact effectively with others to get positive results which we need in our communities today,” said Kaffer.

He further said that youth lack leadership and communication skills although they are already in leadership positions and expected to have these skills.

Kaffer also highlighted the importance of a positive attitude in everyday dealings and relationships because many of the conflicts in society are due to “toxic attitudes”. Taking the responsibility to equip their peers Kaffer felt is the first step in the right direction of a changed society.

The Dream Team is a youth organization who aocate youth development through arts, with the intention of minimising socio-economic issues that they are faced on a daily basis and which are increasing at an alarming rate amongst communities and households.

The group was established in April 2012 with the help of the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture and is situated at the Keetmanshoop Multi-Purpose Youth Resource Centre.

Annelien van Wyk the head of the Keetmanshoop Multipurpose Youth Centre facilitated the training.

Source : New Era