Soul Food – the Ability to Say ‘No’ Is Power [opinion]

We live in a very fast world a new gadget is launched every month, fashion trends change every season, weaves keep getting longer, cars get fancier day by day.

I love technology, I honestly cannot imagine how I will live life had I lived in 1910… But all these changes sometimes are just too fast to keep up with, leaving some individuals confused, and lost in the “who bought it first” race. Young people, especially who are the main consumers of these fancy items have a tough time trying to keep up. The gadgets and other fancy items play a role in allocating people in social groups, especially among the young ones. I understand the importance of being part of the in-crew among the youth but the truth is, not all of us can afford the expensive lifestyle. Some young people find themselves tempted to acquire the latest items that they go to extreme extends of taking part in risky behaviours to acquire such expensive products. Some get older sexual partners, some start using drugs and alcohol, some steal and con just to fit in.

It is good to be part of a social group and have people to do things with, but is it worth it if you are losing yourself in the process? You do things you are ashamed of just to be part of some group, you start skipping school to do staff with your friends, you spend your pocket money on alcohol and gadgets until you are left with none for your daily needs. Or you even date someone you do not like just because your friends are forcing you to do so. In the long run, you end up feeling hurt, lost and lonely because you are not happy with the way you live your life.

You do not have to be a sheep all the time. Sometimes you just have to stand still and let all the tempting staff pass by. Some risks such as sleeping with multiple partners are not worth taking. You can get sexually transmitted diseases or have unplanned babies that you cannot take care of. Instead of taking life threatening risks, dare yourself to be powerful, to know when enough is enough, and where you draw the line between a yes and a no. Learn to say no when you do not feel comfortable with what is being asked of you. Do not just do things to fit in, if you fit in then what?

As a young person, you need to have priorities. If you are old enough to be on your own, you have a responsibility to protect yourself from the dangers around you. The good or bad consequences of your actions will only come later in your life, so it pays to make the right choices today.

If you are still studying, you should be confident enough to say no to a party because you have a party the next day. Some people might even say you are boring, but in the end it’s your choice between failing and passing. If you cannot afford something, go buy the cheaper version at China town (I’m not kidding). You cannot aim to have the longest weave if it cost more than your pocket money. You cannot starve yourself to make friends that you will end up losing anyway. Get your priorities straight and know when to say no!

Source : New Era