Soup Kitchen Feeds Needy Kids

One of the founders of New Generation Soup Kitchen, Lisa du Toit, held an early Christmas party for Area 7 children in Luumlderitz.

The party organized by Du Toit was a fun-filled and joyful event for the young ones who were treated with gift packs, hotdogs, chicken curry and rice.

It all started in 2010, when the New Generation soup kitchen consisting of four women started giving food to vulnerable children in Area 7 informal settlement in Luumlderitz.

One of the main challenges they faced was the lack of financial assistance, but this did not deter the founders of New Generation who included 60-year-old Du Toit.

She told New Era that initially it was a struggle for them to feed the vulnerable children as they usually had to take money from their own pockets.

As time went by, good Samaritans started donating bread, vegetables, different soups and other food to the soup kitchen. “It is by the grace of the Lord that we have been able to to feed these people for the past four years,” she said.

It is due to the aid they received from their sponsors and good Samaritans that they were able to provide the children with a Christmas party.

The main aim of the soup kitchen is to enlighten the burden of hunger among vulnerable children especially those residing in the Area 7 informal settlement.

The New Generation soup kitchen makes it a priority to feed the children twice a week – on Mondays and Thursdays.

Source : New Era