Spin Bash Heads to Rehoboth 53 Seconds Ago

COUNTDOWN to the much anticipated ‘Rehoboth Winter Spin Bash’ is just two weeks away, when the town will be buzzing with non-stop Spinning action held on Saturday 31st May.

The event takes place at ” Die Kraal”, situated just two kilometers outside of town on the Kalkrand Road and organizers have been flooded with phone calls from the eager public who are amped to get their spots in the front row on the day.

Local ‘Spinners’ are going to pull out all the stops in this fun event, to entertain what is believed to be a huge crowd-puller. Organisers include ace NAMTOL Spinners from the Beukes family, who are revved and ready for a class show.

It is expected that about 15 of Namibia’s top Spinning vehicles will take part, which excludes the local Rehoboth Spinning enthusiasts who are waiting to drop their clutches. Participants will be represented from Windhoek, Swakopmund and Rehoboth.

Spectators can expect some dare-devil antics from the eager contestants, which includes crazy stunts like jumping on car roofs, wheel spins, doughnuts, and lots of tyre smoke to pump up the adrenaline.

The crowd favourites for the day are none other than the ‘Ninja’, ‘Most Wanted’, King of Spin ‘Driver’ and ‘Abdullah’.

“There is so much hype around this event, and everyone is so excited to take this sport to Rehoboth,” said Peter Opali also known as the ‘Spin Docter’, who has been tied up preparing the cars for the big day.

Gates will open at 10h00 and the event is scheduled to start at 13h00. One of the highlights of the day will be a street parade with drivers making their way through town led by a police escort. They will thereafter park the cars, to give the locals an opportunity to meet the spinners, get autographs and get into the spirit of the occasion.

Organisers have planned a fun day for the whole family, with jumping castle, braai and lots more, as well as big pavilions for optimum viewing.

Source : New Era