Spinners Make Their Mark On Motorsport

“SPINNING” has become the buzz word amongst action fans, and the guys with the motley BMW’s doing crazy stunts with lots of smoke and screeching tyres, are making their mark on motorsport in Namibia, with everyone sitting up and taking notice.

The recent Rehoboth spinning bash was nothing short of a complete blast, which drew a large exuberant crowd to the event situated at Die Kraal. The event was officially opened by the Minister of Lands and Resettlement, Theo Diergaardt who said he was honoured to be part of all the excitement which was a massive boost for the town and its people.

About ten cars participated at the first official spin and motorsport event held in the town which was rated the second biggest Spin event staged in Namibia this year. The event was organised by the well-known Beukes family, with the day was brought together by a supported effort of the NAMTOL spinners, 4Fourz and a big turnout from Swakomund’s Coastal Spinning amp Drifting, who turned up the heat.

Speaking to Woema this week, NAMTOL spinner ‘Most Wanted’ or otherwise known as Peter Opali said that this sport is growing with each event, and that the crowds just can’t get enough of the dare-devil action.

“We are an eager bunch of guys who enjoy pleasing the crowds, and it is obvious that spinning is catching on with the people, even without sponsors on board at the moment.

“We aim to plan a big event later this year, but want to wait for the cold Winter to pass first before looking at something that will be another big surprise. Meanwhile the guys are going to sit tight and get their engines tuned.

“The other bit of good news is that all three of NAMTOL Spinners ‘Driver’, ‘Ninja’ and ‘Most Wanted’ have been invited to appear at an event in South Africa in September, which is another first for Namibia’s spinning,” he added.

“I won’t miss this for the world, and look forward to showing the boys in SA how we do it back home. The NAMTOL team aim to go down there and make an impression because people are itching to see what we can bring from this side – and believe me we are going to bring it and put on a show to remember.”

Meanwhile Opali said that the spinning guys are also fostering good relationships with the Windhoek Motor Club. “Who knows maybe the gates of the Tony Rust Race Track will be open to us and our cars in the near future.”

Source : New Era