Spoiled drought relief bags were damaged: Amagulu

OTJIWARONGO: The Grootfontein Constituency Councillor, Nelao Amagulu has denied negligence over spoiled maize meal for the government’s drought relief programme.

She issued a statement on Tuesday clarifying how some bags of maize meal, meant for the Government’s drought-relief distribution programme around her constituency, were spoiled.

Residents of Grootfontein last week accused her of negligence after four bags of maize meal which were stored at the Grootfontein Municipality storeroom at Omulunga were discovered rotten and subsequently dumped in a rubbish bin.

Amagulu said that a thorough investigation was launched last week and it came to light that the bags found dumped in a rubbish bin was in fact damaged.

She said the bags were damaged when they were being loaded and offloaded from a truck in August 2014.

Amagulu said records indicate that the four bags were clearly marked as damaged and a drought relief distribution team declared them unfit for human consumption.

The councillor said after cleaners dumped the bags in a nearby rubbish drum, some residents spotted it and took pictures with their mobile phones.

“That’s how the issue came about. Otherwise, there is nothing to complain about because my office this year did not receive drought relief maize from the Office of the Prime Minister in Windhoek,” Amagulu stated.

She said August 2014 was the last time a consignment of drought relief bags were delivered to her office.

Amagulu noted that her office will not allow a person to waste taxpayers’ money by allowing food aid to rot in a storeroom, neither will she allow needy Namibians to be fed with food unfit for consumption.

She claims that the community members registered for drought relief in Grootfontein are happy with the manner her office distributes the drought relief food to them.