Spotlight On Livestock Industry

Mandi Smallhorne, seasoned journalist from the Mail amp Guardian is the key-note speaker while some of the country’s foremost experts in their respective fields will address attendants tomorrow at Meatco’s Media Community Engagement Day in Windhoek.

A variety of issues concerning the livestock industry which is currently in the grip of a series of outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) which does not bode well for the local meat industry come under the spotlight.Daniel Motinga, an independent financial economist, will point out the importance of agriculture (livestock and meat) in the Namibian economy and a presentation by Goliath Tujendapi of the Meat Board will deal with the successes and challenges of the livestock industry, such as the challenge of combatting FMD. Empowerment through knowledge regarding the various forces that impact on the local, regional and global livestock and meat sources will take centre stage at the event.

Sakkie Coetzee, President of the Namibia Agriculture Union (NAU), will discuss the role of organised agriculture in the development of the livestock and meat industries in Namibia while Meatco Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Aocate Vekuii Rukoro, will deliver his Meatco State of Business address.Ways of training journalists across the continent in particular fields, with emphasis on the agricultural sector, touching on issues such as climate change, the Namibian and global environment and local and global social issues will also be discussed.

Ronele Rademeyer, News Editor of Republikein, will address the participants on the challenges facing media reporting in Namibia from an agricultural perspective.

Source : New Era