SPYL in Search of Beauty

The Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) will hold its first ever national beauty pageant at the end of May under the theme – ‘Evolution of Beauty’. What is important to note however is that the event will not be politically exclusive or be based on political affiliation. The youth wing of the ruling party says the pageant would not only focus on identifying a beautiful woman as ambassador of the SPYL, but also seeks to empower women. “It is not just a beauty pageant. We are looking beyond the beauty,” SPYL secretary of finance and administration Ramona Hidileko told New Era yesterday. Hidileko, who is also the chairperson of the Miss SPYL organising committee, explained that the pageant would groom women to become future leaders. “Women are all capable but we have to train them to fight for their rights and to make them ger,” she said, adding that the crowned Miss SPYL, as well as the two runner-ups would embark on social projects just like in the national pageant. “We are looking at capacitating young women, to make them leaders and their social focus will be on gender and social issues,” added Hidileko.

The idea of the pageant arose specifically, because of the current focus on gender-based violence in the country. According to Hidileko the young ladies who make it to the auditions will be educated on the country’s history. “We are going to give them the real history of Namibia, where we are coming from and where we are going to,” she said. In addition, the cultural aspect will feature prominently at the beauty pageant.

“We do not want them (young women) to lose their cultural heritage irrespective of where they are coming from,” added Hidileko.

An invitation for interested young women between the ages of 18 and 26 was extended in the form of an aertisement in the local media. The closing date for applications is March 27, while the actual date of the pageant is May 31. Hidileko indicated that the Miss SPYL beauty pageant is a national event and there are no restrictions as such on who should enter in terms of political affiliation.

“If you have an interest we cannot stop you to enter,” she said and explained that an official application would be filled in at the auditions that are scheduled for a yet to be announced date in April. “We don’t want to discriminate, because potential lies within each person,” she said, adding that prospective participants should have genuine interest in taking part and “be willing to take Namibia and the SPYL to greater heights.”

Source : New Era