SPYL – key agents of peace and development: Iivula-Ithana

WINDHOEK: The Swapo-Party Youth league (SPYL) should be at the forefront of national change and innovation as they are the key agents for development and peace within Namibia, a senior party member says.

“You must remain, in your own words, patriotically stubborn in the revolutionary belief to ensure that all those whose blood waters our freedom sacrificed their lives not in vain,” said Swapo Politburo and Central Committee (CC) member, Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana during the SPYL CC meeting here on Saturday.

Iivula-Ithana said the league must remain ‘patriotically stubborn’ because all those who genuinely and selflessly fought for the liberation struggle under the banner of Swapo did so with the vigour and determination for a Namibia that is free, democratic and independent, where the young and old are not adversaries, but working in synergy for the second liberation struggle for economic development and empowerment.

The ‘iron lady’, as she is known in Swapo circles, reminded the SPYL of the objectives set for the party and Government, and called on party members to remain united and selfless.

She urged the SPYL to continue fulfilling its mandate of supporting the party’s ideology, policies and programmes, and the party, in turn, should continue to count on the SPYL, particularly towards peace and security; economic development and reconstruction; poverty reduction and eradication; education and training; and social upliftment and empowerment.

In the same vein, Swapo must continue to count on the SPYL as a reliable partner in the implementation of the resolutions of the fifth Swapo-Party Congress which took place in November 2012, she noted.

On the upcoming presidential and national assembly elections slated for November 2014, Iivula-Ithana called for gender equality.

She said gender equality is not only a human rights issue, but is an essential component of sustainable development, social justice, peace and security.

The introduction and implementation of 50/50 gender representation in all structures is indeed a milestone for the Swapo-party, said Iivula-Ithana, who is also the Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration.

She indicated that one of the most effective ways of improving the status and well-being of women is by ensuring their full, equal and effective participation in decision-making at all levels of political, economic and social life. This approach promotes and protects women’s human rights, while allowing society to benefit from the diverse experiences, talents and capabilities of all its members.

She further called on youth and party members to remain united and support the Swapo vice-president, Hage Geingob in his presidential race.

“In the party we remain united – we are one irrespective of race, religion, sex or ethnic origin,” stressed Iivula-Ithana.