SPYL Wants Foundation in Honour of Chi-Chi

Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) Secretary Elijah Ngurare last week made an impassioned plea for the establishment of a foundation in honour of fallen media personality Nancy Muinjo.

Speaking at a memorial service last Friday, Ngurare also said scholarships should be awarded to keep the legacy of the late Muinjo alive. The scholarship, he suggested, should be used to create awareness around cancer.

“If need be, let’s put up through Unam (University of Namibia) maybe some kind of monument in memory of Comrade Nancy. All this must be in the hands of all of us because she touched our lives variously,” remarked Ngurare.

Furthermore, Ngurare urged the Namibian youth to unite in the name of the late Muinjo and the ideals for which she lived.

Among others, the SPYL Secretary described the late Muinjo, who was affectionately known as Chi-Chi, as a student who excelled.

“She was a leader and she delivered. Those who look down on their roles and responsibilities have to look at her example. Every time you look at the tribulations of your own life remember how Comrade Nancy defeated despair. We can only honour her legacy by emulating her fearless courage and bravery,” remarked Ngurare.

Muinjo, who was an inspiration to many, died after a long battle with cancer on May 28. She used her cancer journey with her never-say-die attitude to inspire many.

She left a legacy of bravery, steadfastness, freedom, hard work and appreciation for the richness of our independence, Ngurare said.

Source : New Era