SSC Ensures Its Clients Are Well Informed

The Social Security Commission is patting itself on the back for its customer service delivery, which it says is of utmost importance as many clients do not know all its rules and regulations, and are also often not informed about their rights.

“Being there for our customers and explaining everything in laymen’s terms is vital at SSC,” said Rino Muranda, Manager of Corporate Communications.”We must always keep in mind that it is our duty to assist our customers, be it with information, filling in forms or in general explaining everything to them as simple as possible.”

Recently an SSC beneficiary, Natasja Hippo, received such service from Charles Josob at SSC.

She said: “I understand the information communicated and was happy to learn about the MSD Fund’s benefits. I was also interested in the Development Fund and Josob explained everything in detail and with great patience.”

Hippo said she liked the fact that SSC cares for people who cannot help themselves and also when they are injured or cannot work because of sickness.

She added: “If there was no SSC especially the poor people would suffer.” She encouraged employers to register their employees with the SSC to enable them to receive the various benefits. She also called upon workers to make an effort to obtain their social security cards from the nearest SSC office.

Source : New Era