SSC Satisfied With Development Fund Activities

In 2013 the Social Security Commission’s (SSC) Development Fund committed N$2,5 million towards employment creation in the Ohangwena Region. “The funds are managed by Premiere Investments nr 16 CC, in partnership with the National Youth Council, and the Ohangwena Regional Youth Forum. It is with great pleasure that we can report back that this project is going g and we are satisfied with the results thus far”, explained Anthea Olivier, Corporate Communications Officer of the SSC.

Olivier added that part of the funds had been used to establish an organisation that operates as a business concern, growing and supplying crops to identified local markets. “Secondly the funds also enabled them to create employment for 20 youth,” she said. The project is based at the Onehanga village, 30km east of Okongo, and to date has created 20 permanent jobs, constructed dormitories for youth working at the project and installed an irrigation system and solar panels and commenced with the planting of its first crops.

“We are extremely happy to be of service, not only because of Premiere Investments and the Youth Council’s and Forum’s continued efforts to uplift the youth in the region, but also because the Forum aims to, through the successful implementation of this project, create a sustainable business that will offer permanent employment to its members as well as provide substantial community benefit. Success stories like this make it all worthwhile,” said Oliver.

The youth members are now expected to become active contributors to the Social Security Commission and in turn their contributions will assist the SSC to support more worthwhile community-based initiatives. The SSC-DF provides financial assistance in the form of grants, soft loans or a combination of both to deserving, innovative, community based projects or schemes which have the potential to create employment for the socio-economically disaantaged Namibians.

Source : New Era