St Barnabas Honours Learners

St Barnabas Primary School last Friday awarded learners for their outstanding performance of an average of 80 %.

The top overall achievers at the school who scored 80% and more are Vahinga Tjinee (Grade 1), Muhungua Kaveperua (Grade 2), Nghiishililwa Hileni (Grade 3), Ndenge Dikuua (Grade 4), Engelbrecht Chamelle (grade 5), Kaura Tuuezirapo (Grade 6) and Jones Marlon (Grade 7). The School awarded certificates, trophies and N$200 worth of cash vouchers to its topmost pupils for performing well academically and physically at a prize giving ceremony in the Katutura Community Hall.

Staff and fellow learners came together to support and celebrate the most remarkable performers from Grade One to Seven in various categories including best netball players, best soccer players as well as the top male and female player of the year, the best performers in different subjects, best wrestlers and others. The ceremony was attended by over 300 people including, sponsors, prize winners, their families, friends and special guests.

The school hosts its prize giving ceremony every year towards the end of the year to encourage its learners to work hard and inspire others to follow suit. St. Barnabas is an old school built during the colonial era 55 years ago and is situated in the Katutura residential area in Windhoek.

Source : New Era