St. Joel Youth League Hosts Leadership Training

The St. Joel Youth League hosted its leadership training at the St. Joel Apostolic Healing Mission Church in the Samora Machel Constituency on Friday.

The President of the St. Joel Youth League, Kamburee Kahengava, says the purpose of the leadership training was to enhance good quality of management within the youth organisation and among the churches in Namibia and Botswana, as well how one can be a good leader.

The leadership training also covered and emphasised diseases such as HIV and AIDS. Bishop Kokuuakupi Kaatura, a St.Joel’s executive committee member opened the training with prayers while the opening remarks were done by Seuakouje Kaverua, welcoming the guests. Ludwig Beukes, Health Unit Coordinator at CCN covered the whole training with inspirational messages which were well received. Godwin Kasuto, founder of Dum Spiro Spera (DSS) showed a video about HIV and AIDS and procedures to follow when one is affected. He also talked about diseases connected or caused by HIV and AIDS.

The training was attendant by more than 60 participants from different churches’ youth leagues in Namibia and Botswana. “We are also planning to host the same leadership training this October where we will cover project management and strategic plan. We hope to invite more youths as well,” says Kahengava.

Source : New Era