St Paul’s Wins the Recycling Competition

The St. Paul’s College walked away with N$ 10 000 after winning the 201314 schools recycling competition last week.

The College collected 18 tons of recyclable items, which translate into an average of N$30 per learner while the runner-up collected just more than 20 tons of waste, which gives an average of N$26.56 per learner. In second place was Olukolo Primary School and third place Welwitschia Private School that each received N$ 5000 and N$ 2500 from Collect-a-can and Plastic Packaging.

“We are happy with the results of last year and of course, aim to make it even bigger and better this year. A total of 114 980 tons of recyclables was collected during the 201314 schools recycling completion and altogether 52 schools participated, which is more than in the previous year. Interesting to see is that the Top 10 schools collected 77 tons of the totals of 114 tons,” says Anita Witt, Coordinator at Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF).

At the same occasion the RNF also announced the 20142015 recycling competition, inviting schools to enter. “Already, four new schools have expressed interest in participating. We are excited about the next round and look forward to collecting even more recyclables this year while also educating all our youngsters on the important of recycling and the fact that everyone can make a difference,” says Witt.

At the prize-giving, the Director of Communication of the Environmental Investment Fund (EIF) Namibia, Lazarus Nafidi, encouraged the youngsters present to continue with their recycling efforts, indicating that this initiative is “a win for our country and for our environment”. The EIF has further undertaken to personally visit the top schools, and hand them a token of appreciation for their recycling efforts.

Source : New Era