Standard Bank hands over Super Cup gear

WINDHOEK: Standard Bank Namibia on Thursday handed over football gear, including tracksuits, to the Black Africa and African Stars football clubs ahead of their Super Cup clash on Saturday.

The Super Cup is a once-off game played between the winner of the Namibia Premier League (NPL), and the winner of the Namibia Football Association (NFA) Bidvest Namibia Cup.

Black Africa (BA) are the reigning NPL champions, and African Stars won the 2014 Bidvest Namibia Cup.

The game will kick off at 16h00 at the Sam Nujoma Stadium in Katutura.

Speaking during the kit hand over here, Standard Bank’s Head of Marketing Thaddius Maswahu said he is very excited about the two teams battling it out for the Super Cup, “because this will be about developing football and bringing people together at the football stadium”.

He said Standard Bank Namibia has invested N.dollars 3 million over a period of three years to bring people together once a year to celebrate the Super Cup with the best two teams in Namibian football.

Namibia Football Association Secretary-General Barry Rukoro said the bank made the right decision to invest in football, because masses of people in the country follow the sport.

“We always pride ourselves that football provides the best possible vehicle to transport your commercial messages to the people out there. And we know that we have to do our work at the best possible standards because the bank demands so. We hope this will be a very long beneficial relationship between the two institutions that we would not like to get out off,” he said.