Standard Bank Launch Super Cup

STANDARD Bank Namibia on Tuesday announced a N$3 million sponsorship over three years to the Namibia Football Association for the hosting of the Standard Bank Super Cup.

The competition, which will be a once-off match between the Namibian league champions and the Biest Namibia Cup champions, will see the winners receiving N$500 000 and the runners-up N$200 000, with the remaining N$300 000 per year going towards administration, marketing and promotional costs, including the team kits.

At yesterday’s launch, the new CEO of Standard Bank Namibia, Junius Mungunda said that soccer unified Namibians as a nation while it also gave hope and belief to the supporters and players throughout the country.

“There are similarities between soccer and Standard Bank including the fact that both are universal. Soccer is played from Lagos in Nigeria and Soweto in South Africa, to Katutura and Rundu in Namibia. Standard Bank has operations across the continent in places such as Nigeria, Angola, DRC, Katutura, Oshakati, Otjinene and many other towns,” he said.

“It is against this background that Standard Bank Namibia saw it befitting to contribute to the development of this popular sport by committing a sponsorship of N$3 million over three years, or to put it differently, N$1 million per year over the next three years towards the Standard Bank Super Cup, which will be hosted by the NFA,” he added.

Mungunda said as a ‘responsible corporate citizen’ they were proud to be associated with the promotion of soccer in Namibia, while the competition itself will see further awards at the end of the match, such as the Man of the Match, the Moment of Brilliance and the Spectator Awards to name but a few.

The vice president of the NFA, Kornelius Kapenda said the sponsorship was a milestone in the history of Namibian football, which would improve the quality of the local game.

“It has always been the main objective of the NFA to introduce more quality competitions into the domestic game. It is important as it will give our players more opportunities to train and play, which in turn will improve their overall ability as footballers. This will benefit our national teams immensely, particularly now that we are about to start with serious preparation for the upcoming international matches,” he said.

The Director of Sport in the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture, Bernard Kaanjuka, speaking on behalf of Minister Jerry Ekandjo, thanked Standard Bank for its investment in Namibian football.

“When we launched our Ministry’s strategic plan last week, it was realised that we can’t propel this country to sporting excellence without the active involvement of corporate Namibia in sport development. Your decision to invest has shown corporate Namibia is ready to play its part in the development of sport in general and football in particular,” he said.

“The Standard Bank Namibia Super Cup will be the single most lucrative football game on the Namibian football calendar. So I hope this will benefit our players as they will get to play an extra game, but more importantly, the resources that will be derived from this competition, by the clubs, should be put to good use,” he added.

Kaanjuka said he hoped that Namibian clubs would start the process of professionalisation sooner rather than later while their participation in African continental competitions would become the norm rather than the exception.

The Secretary General of the NFA Barry Rukoro said that the competition would be held at the beginning of the new football season with 16 August 2014 pencilled in as the provisional date.

He added that in the event of one team winning the league and cup double, the runners-up in the Biest Namibia Cup would be the other finalists in the Standard Bank Super Cup.

Source : The Namibian