Start Appreciating Our Teachers – Namwandi

The Minister of Education Dr David Namwandi says he has full confidence in all Namibian teachers.

Namwandi made the remark at a recent gala dinner at Elcin Nkurenkuru High School, where money was collected to renovate the school.

He said he would be the number one person to feel very offended when teachers who are trying very hard become uninspired. “These people are working under extremely difficult conditions. It is also not true that when a learner fails then it’s the teacher, I will tell you why. There are some parents who don’t really care about their children … they tell their children if you don’t do this I will report you to your teacher,” said the education minister.

He said such behaviour puts teachers in a negative light as they are being portrayed as dangerous, adding that some parents “make teachers look like lions”.

Namwandi said the high failure rate among some learners stems from their not being academically oriented, while some people have already condemned the newly planned curriculum.

“One never knows what Namibians want and some have already started saying the new curriculum is not good but we haven’t yet implemented it,” said the education minister.

Namwandi said with the introduction of the new curriculum “every learner would be given the chance to excel and those who are academically oriented will follow their route up to Grade 13. And those who feel they are more interested in vocational as well as technical subjects can follow their route up to Grade 12 and in that way we don’t only benefit a certain group of people but we cater for the whole nation.”

He added: “Education is not static, therefore start appreciating teachers, they are doing their level best and let us know how to appreciate them,” he said

Source : New Era