Statutory Rape Suspect Gets Bail

A 52-YEAR-OLD Omaruru guest house owner has been granted bail after he appeared in the Omaruru Magistrate’s Court on allegations of raping two under age girls last week.

Andreas Hackebeil allegedly raped the girls aged 13 and 14 when they approached him looking for holiday jobs at his guest house.

A court source said Hackebeil was granted bail because the “evidence against him was not g because one of the victims did not come to court”.

“The social worker’s report was not in because she did not interview the victims. And the parents of the victims were demanding payment from the suspect,” the source told The Namibian yesterday. Hackebeil was represented by Aocate Gerson Hinda, while the State prosecutor was Louis Chigunwe.

In a separate case, the Omaruru school teacher, Juda Mberira, who is facing sodomy charges, was denied bail because he allegedly offered a bribe to the parents of the boys for them to drop the charges against him. The teacher allegedly sodomised boys at the school where he taught.

Source : The Namibian