Stiffer Sentences Proposed for GBV

First Lady Madam Penehupifo Pohamba has appealed to MPs to pass laws that would provide stiffer sentences for murderers and perpetrators of gender-based violence. “These laws [tougher laws in general] should include prohibiting the misuse and abuse of alcohol, drugs and harmful substances,” said Pohamba who spoke at the launch of the Hano Youth Foundation strategic plan.

She said everybody should be willing to readily avail themselves to be part of a solution to the problem of gender-based violence that results in murder, considering that it affects society.

“We should particularly be willing and ready to be part of the solution to murder and killing because we are all affected, directly and indirectly. Our dignity, pride and integrity as a peaceful, democratic and multiracial society are at stake and must be restored,” said Pohamba.

The Office of the First Lady will be working with the Hano Youth Foundation on social welfare matters, she said, and a memorandum of understanding would be signed in this regard.

Hano Youth Foundation intends to uplift the youth, combat crime and contribute to the reduction of HIVAIDS in the country.

The organisation was established in 2010.

Source : New Era