Stock theft suspects caught in the act

GOBABIS; Two alleged livestock thieves were caught red-handed with suspected stolen livestock by the owner of the cattle last Monday, as the two attempted to drive the livestock off a commercial farm in the Buitepos area of the Omaheke Region.

Norman Kavara and Richard Katjimune of Aminuis appeared in the Gobabis Magistrate’s Court on Thursday on one count of stock theft each, after the cattle owner, Harold Kamuhanga opened a case of theft against the pair.

Kamuhanga allegedly stumbled upon the pair during a patrol mission of the farm.

Kavara was represented in the matter by Gobabis-based lawyer, Wouter Maske, while Katjimune elected to acquire legal services of his own.

The value of the cattle is estimated at N.dollars 18 000. All livestock were recovered.

The pair, who was in police custody since their arrest, were granted bail of N.dollars 700 each.

The matter was postponed to 25 August 2014, to allow for the finalisation of police investigations, and for Katjimune to attain legal representation.