Storytelling Hour Celebrates Mother’s Day

It was mother’s day last Saturday for children’s who attended storytelling hour at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC).

Storyteller Sheena Schwartz read story on the history of mother’s day to children, provided mother’s day quotes for them to choose their best and to read them to others and help read the quotes of children who cannot read. After reading the children were engaged in making mother’s day cards for their mothers. They drew, wrote and pasted the quotes they choose on their cards.

Schwartz says it is important to encourage and maintain a reading culture and that should begin with children from an early age. “We try making reading exciting and further engage in getting the children to engage and interpret read topics with games and drawings,” she says.

She says the children enjoyed the story and all the activities and some promised not to miss the storytelling hour anymore.

The next storytelling hour will be next Saturday, May 23, at the FNCC Cinema with the topic on the occasion of an Africa Day and it will be read by Storyteller Helvi Wheeler.

Source : New Era