’Strangler’ Attacked Another Woman

A presumed family member of rape and murder victim 56-year-old Dinah Diedericks contacted New Era to correct certain errors in yesterday’s report about the suspect.

The caller who did not identify herself over the phone wanted it to be known the deceased and the man accused of the acts, 34-year-old Wilhelm Wimpie Derick February, did not arrive together at her residence in a taxi, but in the deceased’s car.

She said after the deceased arrived at her residence with her vehicle being driven by one of the two prison warders who accompanied her from February’s engagement party she told them to get a taxi from there.

According to the caller, it was February’s engagement party that evening and the victim was invited because February allegedly wanted her to be a witness at his wedding.

When the other men left the residence after the vehicle was parked, the assailant remained.

Although it is not certain what exactly transpired next, the person said, it is suspected the victim was hit on the head and strangled, while a plastic bag was put over her face to stop her from screaming. February allegedly raped the deceased.

According to the caller the assailant then attacked another woman who stays in the back yard of the residence in Windhoek West.

She said the second victim however put up a fierce fight and managed to scratch her assailant and bite him on the arm. The assailant managed to make a getaway before the commotion attracted the attention of the younger daughter of the deceased who found her mother. Alerted by her sister’s scream the eldest daughter called for help after they failed to resuscitate the deceased.

February made a first appearance before Magistrate Ingrid Unengu on Tuesday and his case was postponed to 5 August to enable him to get legal representation. He was aised of his right to formally apply for bail after he was denied bail.

Public Prosecutor Verinao Kamahene told Unengu that it would not be in the interest of justice nor public interest to grant bail to February at this stage.

He said the investigations were at a very sensitive stage. According to Kamahene, the State has a real fear the accused might abscond if granted bail as he is a South African citizen.

Source : New Era