Struggle kids await eviction

WINDHOEK: The “children of the liberation struggle” were on Tuesday morning preparing to move from the site where they have been living for over a year, following a verbal notice by the Namibian Police Force to do so.

The group of 134 youths were told by NamPol on Monday afternoon that the owner of the land, Trustco Group Holdings Limited, wants them off the land along Hereford Street between the Lafrenz industrial area and the Babylon informal settlement by 08h00 Tuesday.

This comes after the “struggle kids” allegedly obstructed the flow of traffic in that service road over the past weekend by placing rocks and burning tyres on the road, while soliciting money from drivers to use the road.

Spokesperson of the group, Kaptein Erastus refused to go into details of the incident which took place over the weekend, only saying what occurred was as a result of the group’s relentless efforts to have their voices heard by Government.

“The only time Government acts is when we demonstrate but still they continue to ignore us. Government failed to give us an education and medical aid which they promised. What we want now is just employment,” he said.

NamPol’s Spokesperson, Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi told the media on Tuesday morning the police would only go into the camp once they have received an eviction order from the Windhoek High Court.