Struggle kids face jail time for begging

WINDHOEK: Most struggle kids survive by begging for money at traffic lights near the Central Prison in the capital, an illegal action which could lend them in that same prison.

Spokesperson of a group of about 82 youth, Abraham Hamupembe said they have already been warned by City Police Chief Abraham Kanime to refrain from doing so, citing Kanime who said begging creates a bad image for the town, and they will be arrested if they don’t stop.

He said most of them have criminal records and it is hard for them to find employment.

Kanime confirmed to Nampa yesterday that begging for money at traffic lights is prohibited by law.

He said that he will make sure the law is adhered to at all times, and the culprits will be arrested.

The youth are part of over 200 who walked from Oshakati and Ondangwa in northern Namibia to Windhoek in late 2012 in an attempt to force Government to give them jobs.

They say they will now accept any type of jobs from the government or businesses.