’Struggle Kids’ Mount Illegal Roadblock

“STRUGGLE kids” camped at Okahandja Park mounted an illegal roadblock along the Brakwater road yesterday and demanded ‘toll fees’ from motorists.

They blocked the road with rocks and waited for cars to pull over.

Armed with stones, the “struggle kids” – both male and female – approached vehicles, demanding payment from drivers before allowing them through.

A board bearing the words: ‘PAY, GO’ was placed in the middle of the road while huge rocks were lined across the road. They demanded anything from N$2.

Those who paid drove through while those who refused were asked to go back.

In some cases, the “struggle kids” threw stones at the vehicles whose drivers had refused to pay the “toll fees” and opted to use another road instead.

When this reporter arrived at the scene, she was not aware of the “roadblock”, but stopped to take a picture. When the “struggle kids” saw the camera, they came running and threatened to stone the car and confiscate the camera.

They however failed to confiscate the camera and could also not stone the car as the reporter drove away from the scene.

One of the “struggle kids”, who spoke to The Namibian later about the illegal roadblock said they were demanding “toll fees” from motorists because the government had forgotten them.

“We are not targeting anyone. We are just trying to send out a message to government that we are still here suffering without jobs,” she said, refusing to be named.

Police yesterday said they were aware of the illegal roadblock, with Katutura Police Station Commander, chief inspector Ishmael Basson, indicating that it had been set up on Saturday night.

Basson said they deployed officers along the stretch of the road that passes through the “struggle kids” camp. He said the officers patrolled the area until yesterday morning.

“They want attention. It seems the government has forgotten them and they are now seeking attention,” Basson said.

He added that police will deploy more officers to the illegal roadblock, who will be there until further notice.

The Swapo Party has said it has nothing to do with the errant behaviour of the “struggle kids”.

Hamunyera Hambiyuka, Swapo head of administration, said the ruling party had aised them to talk to the government because they submitted their names for jobs.

The chairperson of the Namibian Exile Kids Association (Neka), Benita Nakaambo, yesterday initially said she had not heard about the “illegal roadblocks”.

Later, Nakaambo said she had spoken to the “struggle kids” and they had denied mounting the “roadblock”. She also said they would be meeting tomorrow.

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what a childish behavior, punishing others. why don’t you go to the government offices and demand them to pay that N$2 before interring their work places. We are all Namibians who need the help from the government but we struggle for ourselves so what is so special about this lazy so called struggle kids who don’t wana get sumthing for them self. stop blaming the government stand up and move those buds. otherwise the government must treat us all Namibian’s special and provide jobs and everything for the whole nation. ONE NAMIBIA, ONE NATIONgttttSAME TREATMENT FOR ALL – Miss D | 2014-07-07 08:12:00 || Comment id: 44095

This is utter nonsense these so called struggle spoiled adult are try to do. Ou ena okamwenyo kaina tafi. Opate ohatu yi futile kodula neehauto detu otwedilanda noimaliwa ihapu shaashi inatu hala tuka shinde omunhu. Omupya wavo ndee handi endepo veshihetekele, eeshela otandi ka topa mondjila yaKahandja omo opo Opolifi yeendelele yuuye yi manangengepo. Okuyasha aveshe nokuya. Kapena oudano. – Nangula Lamanguluka | 2014-07-07 08:17:00 || Comment id: 44094

This cannot and should not be tolerated. Should I drive on that road and my car gets stoned I will shoot someone, cause my life will be threatened….Most of this so called kids standing there, if in deed they come out of exile they must be 24 years and beyond which consequently mean they had all the time needed to go to school and make something of their lives. Those who did not have the opportunity, this is not the way to go about it. However, I also think the GRNSWAPO has allowed this. when this thing started they where suppose to profile all those who claim to be struggle kids. I am not an exile kid, and back in the days the were schools we were not allowed to attend, when this guys come back all doors opened. Kids were registered in the former whites only schools but they chose to quit school or not work hard…GRN was suppose to profile the journey of everyone on that street. Some went into this schools, some got employment with various state agencies, NDC, Police, Armylt AMCOM etc but got themselves fired now they demanding office work, seriously now? This kids cannot and will not swing the votes come November, they must be dealt with once and for all (profile and let them know there’s nothing you can do anymore for that specific individual, help those that really did not get the chances)… – Weah | 2014-07-07 08:13:00 || Comment id: 44092

We are harvesting the products we have planted, once a country practices double standards this is the outcome. We favored plan fighters amp their kids at the expense of the rest of the citizens. Why are they so special? Those spoiled lazy kids who ran away from school they have to know that NO one is above the law. Law enforcers should apprehend them. Otherwise this doesn’t do any common good. – Shapanya | 2014-07-07 07:51:00 || Comment id: 44085

I think they should get other way to force the government pay attention to them rather than creating problem or solving problems with another problems… – J.Endjila | 2014-07-07 07:50:00 || Comment id: 44083

So if government has forgotten them they erect illegal roadblocks in order to make motorists suffer? They should not forget that those taxi drivers are also unemployed but due to hard work they try to make a living from other means. What stops these idiot struggled * to do the same? – Wambe tu zuwe… | 2014-07-07 07:47:00 || Comment id: 44082

I think it will be wise to use our own power as driver either to shoot at this spoiled kid or even harm them then the police will know that we are not tolerating nonsense . they need to be shot to learn lesson. – isak – Meu | 2014-07-07 07:46:00 || Comment id: 44078

Poverty is real. Hunger and diseases is real. Life is real. First Off I wanna thank the real brave front fighters who fought along the cowards for our independence. Those are the parent of the kids we are referring to as “struggle kids”. I do not blame them they are doing what they think is right since no one is out there extending a hand or understand their situation. This situation was not supposed to come this far, and if its not solved sooner or later it will result in havocs. Secondly, SWAPO should accept that they are the cause of this situation, no Im not agreeing that “struggle kids” should be treated special or given jobs, I agree with their situation. SWAPO drove them into that situation. A lot of my family members who parents lost their lives in exile are in the same situation. Why do we blame SWAPO? its simple, SWAPO is the government, and therefore upon returning from exile they should have passed a policy and created a fund that would’ve provide assistance to these kids because majority of them lost (1 or both) their parents. That fund was supposed to pay for their schools until grade 12. But what SWAPO did is when such funds were available they benefited only their kids (since their kids were also born in exile).. The fund was supposed to be specially for those exile born children who did not have any parents in independence Namibia. Today when they call exile born kids to go do a registration, they also sent their kids who have suffered nothing in their lives. Its evil Im telling you.. If you could have given people school, they woule taken care of themselves right now. You cant even give them jobs because majority never went to school since no one could pay for them. Some massed up themselvs but school is the most important thing here. I believe all ministers kids went to great schools (probably even for free), they all went to University (again probably for free) and they are getting the nice jobs. This is Namibia, do what you feel is right to survive because the government does not care about you, your education, your unemployment and your poverty. Struggle kids I salute you young bravehearts, even though I dont agree with some of the dramas you put yourself through, I understand that you are trying to make a living. I was born in exile as well and I was lucky that I came back with both my parents (even though they are not here anymore) at least they sent me to school. – RealTruth | 0000-00-00 00:00:00 || Comment id: 44076

how can a kid run-away from studying and opt to be a highway robber. Education is the key mind you. We have struggle kids in government and companies but they studed to be there. How special are those at Okahandja park. – Naketa | 2014-07-07 07:39:00 || Comment id: 44075

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