’Struggle Kids’ Stuck in Eenhana

MORE than 70 ‘children of the liberation struggle’ are still camping in the bush near Eenhana in Ohangwena Region since March last year, demanding to be given government jobs.

Initially, there were more than 400 but some left for their homes while others got jobs in government and the private sector.

The group’s spokesperson, Fillemon Kambonde, told The Namibian last week that they will continue asking for jobs from government. Kambonde said some officials from the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture, who visited them early this year allgedly aised them to be patient, saying they would be given jobs soon.

But until now, Kambonde said, nobody has come back to them. Kambonde said if government officials do not come this month, they will leave Eenhana and join other ‘struggle kids’ in Windhoek. He admitted that they go hungry most of the time if the food they receive from their families runs out. He also said they had to dig wells for water, which they use to cook, wash and drink.

One of the ‘struggle kids’ at Eenanha, Sylvia Nghiimbwasha, said they are suffering.

“We do not have food. The water we are using is dirty. There are also no toilets. We are using the bush to relieve ourselves, ” she said.

Nghiimbwasha also said they found it very difficult to get Namibian citizenship since they were born in Angola.

She claimed they have been chased away from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration offices whenever they went to apply for citizenship.

Source : The Namibian